The purpose of this website is to try and stimulate interest in the computers of days gone by. Sadly, many of these machines are becoming landfill, and some day, there may no longer be any example of these wonders of the past.

In an effort to preserve our computing history, we are collecting and restoring old machines, and displaying them for all to see. So far, this museum exists only online, but we hope one day to be able to let you come and see for yourself.

Please note that this is a collection of PC's that we have in our possession, not a listing of entire product ranges by the noted manufacturers.

Do you have an old machine that needs a good home? Drop us a line, and we'll talk deals! Who knows? We might even be able to offer you some money for them!


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'That collection is unbelievably impressive'
Steve Wozniak
, 26th March 2000