Update Log
18-1-2020 -
The following content was added from my pile
- IBM Writing Assistant Manual, Quick Guide, Disk Photos and Box Cover
- IBM Writing Assistant 1.01 IMG Files
- IBM Writing Assistant Quick Look IMG
- IBM Planning Assistant Quick Look IMG
- IBM Graphing Assistant Quick Look IMG
- IBM Filing Assistant Quick Look IMG
The following content has been supplied by Alan Laughton and added to page. Alan also took the time to scrub up all my existing scans and turn them into perfect specimens. Thanks Alan!
- IBM Moves to Japan - Australian Personal Computer - January 1985
- IBM Releases the JX - Electronics Australia, November 1985
- IBM Tackles Low End Market with JX - Australian Electronics Monthly, November 1985
- PC battle for straitend school market - The Canberra Times, December 29, 1986
- Microsoft releases JX titles - The Canberra Times, November 11, 1985
- IBM announces new JX range - The Canberra Times, September 23, 1985
- Publishing? Just bounce on to the Springboard - The Canberra Times, 7th September 1987
- Lotus 1-2-3 available - The Canberra Times, 14th April 1986
- Further manual quality control from Alan Laughton!
- IBM JX Plus Beta Testing in Australias Outback - Infoworld, 26th May 1986
- Byte Japan : A Sampler - Byte, March 1985
- IBM Planning Assistant 1.0 Manual, Quick Guide, Cover, Disk Image, SCP file, Screenshots
- Computerland Ads time sequence of reducing prices - ads from 1987-1988
- Programs of Choice article, mentioning Bank Street Writer for the JX
- IBMs down on the farm article - IBM gives away 8 JX computers to charity
- IBM JX PC DOS Version 2.10 Users Guide
- IBM JX TV Commercial (thanks Ryan Lynch!) added to page
- Many software titles thanks to BaudBand!
- Many hardware products thanks to BaudBand!
- Photos of software catalogs, price lists, ColorPaint JX cart, screenshot of ColorPaint JX (jr) thanks to BaudBand!
- IBM PC JX DOS 2.10 Technical Reference Manual
- The Low End of IBM article, Dec/Jan 1986 - Thanks Alan Laughton!
- Replaced DOS 2.1 Technical Reference and Users Guide with smaller and more polished versions - Thanks Alan Laughton!
- New Goodies from IBM - PC Australia March 1986
- IBM Australia Shifts into Top Gear - Australian PC World - July 1985
- Advertisement - PC Australia - January 1986
- Thanks Alan for the above
- New serials added for new JX aquired today
- Identified new ROM 8629K1 - added minor detail of ROMs

- Added ROM Binaries and Images
- Added the amazing JX Technical Reference Manual to the Documentation Section - thanks to Aram Koltookian! An amazing document that clearly defines the machine and its differences to the PCjr.
- Added the JX Logic Drawings - courtesy of ibmfan22 from mikes PCjr Forums
-I have acquired two more JX units in the last 8 weeks - one with a 5.25" Disk Expansion in good condition, and yesterday an IBM JX from the Bendigo CAE installation complete with Cluster Networking Adaptor. Added serial and JX Cluster Adaptor detail to list.
-I have purchased a bunch of rare JX Software at ridiculous prices - I will be slowing updating the site as I scan them. Purchases are -
- 5601-SDO - Personal Communications Manager
- 5601-SJQ - Word Knowledge Skills (missing disk 1)
- 5601-SFY - IBM Mainframe Communications Assistant
- 5601-SBD - Color Paint
- 5601-SBP - Display Write 1
- 5601-SDK - Artwork

Software will be online tonight, manuals will be scanned progressively and updated. This is time consuming.

Simmi Valgerisson has helped me extract the ROM BIOS from my 720k IBM JX to upgrade them from only reading 360k 3.5" Disks. This was added on the page today.
-I have purchased several more IBM JX titles at more reasonable prices -
- 5601-SHY - PC Print
- 5601-SBN - Diskette Librarian
- 5601-SAT - IBM Home Assistant Solutions
- 5601-SQR - I Can Be Anything
- 5601-SET - Sort Version 1.0
- 5601-SEZ - The Starproof Bridge

Software also imaged and uploaded.

I have also added images of some auctions I did not win - Turtle Power, Fixed Disk Organiser. Private Tutor Course - Basic Number Concepts, Personal Computer Picture Graphics and Joymouse. I hope to get disk images from these from Chris who won those items.