IBM PC - 5150


General Information

The IBM PC - the father of all PC's today!


There were several reasons why the IBM PC was a success - the PC Project was exempt from the IBM bureaucracy, the team had complete autonomy. Without this, the PC would have been years late and would have had features removed to prevent the PC from competing with the Mainframe division.

IBM was well known as a powerful force in the computing industry, and the assumption was made by the public that compatability with this machine is essential.

And who could forget Microsoft, who developed MS-DOS/PC-DOS for the IBM platform.

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ERA: 1981
CPU: Intel 8088
RAM: 64k - 512k
DRIVES: 2 x 5.25" DSDD Floppy Drives 
MONITOR: Monochrome (MGA)
AUDIO: PC Speaker
I/O: 5 x Expansion Slots
1 x Keyboard Socket
1 x Cassette Interface
Keyboard "Selectric" QWERTY Keyboard
Closer View Rear View Internal View