General Information

The original Microbee! Sold as kit form or pre-built for an extra $50. Australian Made!


This particular unit works perfectly, and was acquired from the original purchaser, who purchased it in kit form and assembled it himself.

It also came with the "monitor", or should I say, a grossly modified television with green plastic overlay.

This one comes with the optional EDASM (editor assembler) which cost extra, but the previous owner thought (and found) to be worthwhile!

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ERA: 1983
CPU: Zilog Z80
RAM: 32k
DRIVES: Battery Backed up RAM
Tape option 
MONITOR: Composite Video
AUDIO: Internal Speaker
I/O: 1 x User Port
1 x Parallel Port
1 x Expansion Connector
Keyboard QWERTY
Closer View Rear View System View